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This shortened form of the Ashtanga primary series includes sun salutations, seated and standing posture series, gentle backbends and heart openers, inversions, and rest. Vinyasas – breath-linked transitions – align, strengthen, and make the body more supple. As exertion gradually warms and purifies the body, the emphasis on breath calms the mind and nervous system and deepens a connection with all beings. 

Incorporating sun salutations and flows through standing, balance, and seated poses, this practice offers more advanced work – inversions, arm balances, and backbends – with teacher guidance. We focus on linking movement to breath, refining alignment, and building strength, taking rest as necessary. Creative sequencing allows for a fun and challenging exploration of the vinyasa practice for students who are already physically active and comfortable with basic poses and sequences.

An all-level practice. Yin is as accessible for entry-level students as it is as a supplement for those who already have an established yoga practice. Yin postures apply healthy stress to joints in the lower back, hips, and pelvis, pushing connective tissue to respond to steady, moderate loads of stress by lengthening and growing stronger. Not a complicated physical practice, Yin challenges the body with poses held for several breaths. For those with an established asana practice, yin postures provide space for uncovering subtle patterns of holding or clenching. Insights into these patterns leads to greater freedom and flexibility in physical practice and in life. 

Reclaim calm with Hatha yoga, a practice in which we come together to let go, to process, and to proceed. Share each others' presence while rewriting our operating systems for an internal and external reset. Pursue self-discovery and exploration through inquiries of mind, body, and breath. With movement, stillness, mindfulness, purposeful intention, open discussion and, most importantly, breath, this practice works through gentle shapes: modified sun salutations, restorative movements, mystery, and meditation. 

This rejuvenating practice is designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. Yoga props furnish support for postures, while also gently stretching and strengthening the body. A session consists of only four to six supported poses and may incorporate Reiki and/or aromatherapy.

This dynamic vinyasa practice unites breath, creative sequences, laughter, and community. An ever-changing gallery of yoga styles will challenge, inspire, and empower you. 

Make the most of your noontime break by slipping this class in your schedule. Enjoy an invigorating midday yoga practice to keep you going the rest of the afternoon. This class is designed to get you in and out, and back to your desk, kids, and errands with a clear mind and energized body. 

Slow down your vinyasa flow, smoothly synchronizing movement with breath. Powerful, graceful sequences taken at a slower pace turn your focus to engaging strength and concentration. Hold postures for several breaths, sink more deeply into a stretch, and slide from a gentle and therapeutic pace to a mildly vigorous practice. Find yourself challenged and energized in this practice.

Evening flow is an early evening class with sequences from various schools of yoga. Close your day with this enlightening and energetic flow. 

This soothing practice combines carefully-selected postures held gently for extended periods of time, with soft touch adjustments. Essential oils may used and Reiki offered in certain classes. Suitable for all levels who seeking to relax and unwind.

This rejuvenating practice is designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. Yoga props furnish support for postures, while also gently stretching and strengthening the body. A session consists of only four to six supported poses and may incorporate Reiki and/or aromatherapy. 

A less traditional form of yoga that combines Power Yoga & Vinyasa Flow. Appropriate for anyone not working with serious injury or limited mobility. Expect a vigorous, detoxifying & challenging workout with arm balances and inversions. Let's get Rooted in Power TOGETHER!

Recovery Yoga welcomes all and supports all. Each week's practice will end with a 12-step recovery meeting. Class is donation-based. We value you more than your money. Come practice with us.

Join us on Friday after work for Happy Hour Yoga. Enjoy a 60 minute vinyasa flow practice infused with fun challenges, smiles, and an upbeat playlist. All levels welcome. Use your class passes or drop in for a small donation!

In this class you're encouraged to connect with your body, empower yourself, & develop your own practice. Kesse is a guide but your body is the real teacher. multiple options are given for poses & unstructured time is often given to explore your practice with assistance as wanted. No matter your size, ability, gender, or age, You Can Yoga. This gentle vinyasa to yin class is for anyone living with chronic illness or pain, trauma survivors, and Spoonies. We'll help you develop your own practice at your own pace, using props, chairs, and posture modifications. Building strength and flexibility, you'll assemble your own practice and empower yourself to reap all the benefits yoga has to offer.

This dynamic practice spins vinyasa and hatha yoga sequences together with added movement and cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance and primal kinetics. Prepare to lose your inhibitions and have a crazy amount of fun! BUTI Yoga® employs spiral structure technique to sculpt and tone the deep abdominal muscles that stabilize and strengthen the body. In place of linear movements, spiral structure movements shuttle the body along all planes of motion. Please note that playlists for BUTI Yoga® may include music with explicit lyrics.

Strengthen and stretch the body with yoga-infused Pilates. This practice balances strength and flexibility in muscle groups, with an emphasis on challenging the core with each movement. Props and light hand weights allow for fresh variations on typical exercises.

Morning Express Flow goes beyond Vinyasa. We begin with a short seated meditation to strip the mind of its busy morning sequencing and move into the powerful body flow with a focus on alignment. Find yourself connecting heart, body and mind – all packaged into a 50 minute express class.

Start your day off increasing your flexibility, strength, mental clarity and overall energy levels with this short 45 minute sunrise flow. Guided meditation and breath work to harness the energy of the mind then kneeling plank variations to strengthen the arms and core. Sun salutations to improve overall flexibility plus lunges, twists and backbends for a well rounded practice. All levels, all humans, modifications given.

This is an inclusive, gentle yoga class for the trans/queer community & their allies. This gentle flow class can help with stress, peace of mind, relaxation, and body neutrality along with providing a safe space where all LGBTQPIA+, trans, nonbinary, queer, gender nonconforming, questioning, and/or allies may connect and socialize with one another. This class is for all sizes, all abilities, all genders, & spoonies.* Everyone is encouraged to meet their body’s needs with props, chairs, and modifications. Classes are donation based and benefit Heartland Trans Wellness. Our practice space has one gender neutral bathroom but isn’t accessible to all since it’s a 2nd floor studio with no elevator. if the stairs are a barrier for you practicing with us, please contact kesse(at) *Spoonies are those living with chronic illness/pain.