Leadership Trainee Spotlight: Susan

susan utell.jpg

Not only is Susan new to our community at Rooted Yoga, she’s new to Northern Kentucky. Recently from the San Francisco area, she’s only been here a few months.  She found an immediate home at Rooted where she has been able to find balance between getting out of her comfort zone and coming home to herself.

At only 17, Susan began a journey that led her to her own spiritual practice. Learning and growing from her experiences, she has spent years helping others with their own journeys as an astrologer, while also building a career as a documentary film editor.

As part of her Karma hours for the training program, Susan decided to volunteer atRedden Gardens. For her, the Earth is healing, so the Gardens were a natural fit. Susan sees it as a way to connect with nature and its important healing energy. She has helped with weeding and cleaning up the Gardens. While there, she was able to connect with several passing neighbors who were interested in learning more about the neighborhood gardens.

Interested in deepening your own practice and possibly becoming a yoga teacher? You can find out more about our Yoga Leadership Training Program here.